Graham Barlow

It is with great sadness that we are posting to inform you that our father, Graham, has suddenly passed away at his home in Edinburgh this past week.

The service will be held at Seafield Crematorium, Edinburgh on Friday 23rd September 2016 at 3pm. 

We appreciate that most of you will be unable to attend but we felt sure that our father would like you to know.

Should you wish to attend, would you please contact us so that we are able to estimate numbers by email to graham@cathayclassics.co.uk as we will be checking this email account periodically.

The future of this site depends on someone volunteering to take over the roll of webmaster.  If anyone is interested in keeping the site going send an email to graham@cathayclassics.co.uk and we will be in touch.

With kind regards

Graham's Daughters;

Gail Simcock, Gillian Stewart & Tania Buckingham



A new addition. If you are trying to contact anyone, let me know and I will add details here. Also, please let me know if this service has been useful.


Crombie Gilbraith

If anyone has contact with Crombie please let him know that I have a message for him. If he sends an email to me, I will reply with the said message. Same applies if you happen to read this Crombie.

Graham 22nd Dec '15


Bob Sutherland looking for Ron Jackson-Smith - any help please?

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J.J.Lee is looking for Mike Giles. If you can help, email:



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In the Travel section you will find a highly informative and interesting series of articles by Brian Bawcombe on his current trip form Hong Kong to Europe by train. Naturally accompanied by wife Anne.

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Try the Humour page for a cynical view of the Strine language and the girly bats of Angeles City.

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